Welcome to Ascent
An open playground for small wars of position and attrition divide two sites on Ascent. Each site can be fortified by irreversible bomb doors; once they’re down, you’ll have to destroy them or find another way. Yield as little territory as possible.

If you're Attacking on Ascent

B Main Windows
With a vertical boost, you can see through the high windows in B Main. Use this to scout out your push! You can also throw utility through these windows to catch the defenders off guard.
An attacking team can lock down Mid Courtyard with a strong sniper and prevent the defenders from easily rotating. A defending sniper can hold this sightline first, so use utility before you peek.
Blast Doors
Once the spike has been planted, close the blast doors to fortify your position and slow down defenders pushing through A Link or Mid Market.
Mid Control
An attacking team that can capture control of Mid opens up a variety of opportunities. Both B Site and A Site can easily be taken once Mid is controlled.

If you're Defending on Ascent

B Main Windows
Just as attackers can peek through the high windows in B Main, defenders can boost up and shoot back.
Rotate Quickly
Ascent is a smaller map, use this to your advantage and rotate quickly to respond to an attacking push.
Blast Doors
Don’t let those blast doors go down! Retaking a site is much harder once those doors go down.
Mid Control
It’s important to defend the spike sites but don’t forget about Mid control. An attacking team can quickly overwhelm if mid is left undefended.

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