Everything to know about Act III and Breeze, Valorant's newest map

By Carver FisherApril 23, 2021
Everything to know about Act III and Breeze, Valorant's newest map
With Act II coming to a close, the Valorant team has already given us content to get excited about for Act III’s launch. Today, Riot released a trailer outlining the key features of Valorant’s latest map, Breeze.

The Map

Breeze breaks Valorant’s mold of tight corridors mixed with a few open areas (mostly around bomb sites). Instead, Breeze is a wide-open map with a few choke points. There’s only so much we can pull from the trailer, but a select few have early access to both Breeze and the Act III Battlepass. EsportsDoug, a Valorant caster, showed off Breeze’s layout in its entirety as well as some of the Act III Battlepass content.
Breeze’s size is on-par with Icebox, but the more open sightlines make the map feel like it warrants that size. Having one path from Attacker spawn directly to each bomb site means that mid control will be an essential part of winning games on Breeze. Teams are likely to look for strategies to flank and outmaneuver their opponent in preparation for Valorant Masters. There isn’t a major map-changing mechanic like Bind’s teleporters, but there is one special and situationally useful map feature on Breeze.
I’m really hoping we see a pro player blast out of a garbage chute and surprise the enemy team. As Doug points out in the clip, traversing the chute makes a lot of noise, but it’s necessary to hit mid quickly due to the fact that Hall is a corridor with no sightlines onto mid. You either have to walk all the way through Hall in order to access other areas of the map, or you have to take the chute. Pros will get to play Breeze on April 26th, meaning they’ll have a leg up when it comes to getting familiar with Valorant’s newest map. It’ll be interesting to see what strategies they come up with to take advantage of Breeze’s geography.

The Skins

The Battlepass’ weapon skins are spread across three core sets.
Lightwave’s weapons are bright green, accented by pulsing neon lights and black framing. The weapons included in this set are the Marshall, Sheriff, Phantom, and Frenzy.
The Songsteel weapon set stands out because of its curvy steel embroidery, as well as its dark brown woody frame. The Songsteel weapons are the Sentinel, Classic, Marshall, and Act III’s level 50 knife. It’s a long grind to level 50, but knife skins are always worth it.
The last weapon set is the Depths. Going with Breeze’s aquatic theme, this weapon set puts the ocean’s briny depths in the palm of your hand. The weapons within this set are the Ghost, Vandal, Stinger, and Bulldog.
If previous release windows are anything to go by, Act III should be publicly available by April 27th. With the addition of the new map as well as some solid skins, it’s an exciting time to be a Valorant player.
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