What is a good team comp in Valorant?

By Stephanie RoehlerDecember 2, 2020
What is a good team comp in Valorant?
When you boot up a game of Valorant, you are joined by four other players who you have to work with as a team to capture or hold points across the map. Before the game even starts, though, one important step towards winning is having a good team comp(osition).

What is a Team Comp?

Well, team comps are all about balance. In Valorant, that means looking to the different roles established in the game. A very basic and effective team comp would be to have one agent from every role and then one random pick of your team’s choosing. This would ensure your team has heavy damage (Duelist), battle manipulation (Controller), recon and push-power (Initiator), and defensive tactics (Sentinel).
While everyone might want to be the high-damage Duelist to rack up all the kills, that kind of team comp (four duelists and a random) isn’t sustainable. The goal of the game is to secure the points across the map, and it’s easier to attack, defend, and hold a point with defense, recon, and general support on your side. One of the easiest ways to start improving your team is making sure you and your friends balance your team comp.

What Agents should I pick?

As far as individual agents go, a few agents have become must-haves, like Sage or Skye. As the only agents who can heal their teammates (using each of their signature moves), professional teams often include these two healers to help sustain their agents throughout a match, giving their team a better shot at winning.
Some other high-utility faves are:
Sentinels: Killjoy, Cypher
Initiators: Sova
Controllers: Brimstone
Duelist: Phoenix, Raze
While characters like Reyna, Jett, and Omen are also popular, they serve less team-wide utility purposes than the other agents. But they can still be very strong picks to balance out a team comp.
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