What is an Ultimate?

By Stephanie RoehlerNovember 27, 2020
What is an Ultimate?
In a lot of multiplayer games where characters have abilities, the characters tend to have what is called an “Ultimate Ability”.These Ultimates are normally powerful, heavy-hitting abilities that can knock agents out in a single blow. Some of them are targeted attacks while others are Area-of-effect threats. In Valorant, those are the 6-7 cost, X-bound abilities that each agent has.
The impact of ultimates can completely change the course of the game, by knocking out top agents in a single hit or forcing enemies off of points to clutch a round.

How Do You Get Your Ultimate?

Everyone who plays Valorant probably notices that eventually they get enough points to use their Ultimate. But how does that happen? What can you do to increase the number of points you’re collecting?
One consistent way to build up ultimate points is by taking the ultimate orb that spawns at your attacker/defender point at the beginning of each round. Be careful, though, your teammates might want it, too. Ultimate orbs also appear in the same key points around the map. For example, on Haven, an ultimate orb can be found across the entrance hallway of B Point. Just be careful not to get shot while claiming them.
Capturing orbs isn’t necessary, though. You also get an orb for each death, kill, plant, and defuse.

Types of Ultimates

AOE (Area-of-Effect): These ultimates toss down a large ability that activates within a certain radius and can hurt, weaken, or knock up the enemy. The other team will have to risk the threat or scramble to escape. Even though most people often escape, it does make them abandon a point and gives your team a clear advantage in the following fight.
AOE Examples: Brimstone, Viper, Killjoy, Breach
One-Shot: These ultimates are for those big-deal kills. They can be a couple of charges that can cause one-shot headshots or some smaller one-shot explosives. Doing so much damage can come in clutch during tight matches, either destroying key enemy players or knock out their own team.
One-Shot Examples: Sova, Raze, Jett
Battle Boost: While a lot of other ultimates do specific damage amounts or impact certain areas, others can help boost the agents themselves. Increasing damage outputs, vision, or even bringing teammates back to life can be absolute game-changers.
Battle Boost Examples: Phoenix, Cypher, Sage, Skye, Reyna
Misc: Unlike other abilities, Omen’s ability doesn’t quite fit in with the others. He can teleport himself anywhere across the map but leaves a shade behind, that can be killed and ruin the whole thing. His ultimate has mixed reviews and can cause a lot more trouble than it’s worth. While he’s an otherwise well-rounded agent, be careful with his Ultimate.
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