Private eyes are watching you: best Cypher Spycam placements

By Will HarrisonNovember 25, 2020
Private eyes are watching you: best Cypher Spycam placements
The utility of Cypher’s Spycam ability is only as good as the camera's placement. Simply having the camera out doesn’t ensure success, nor does throwing it out in the open just to score an easy tracking dart. If you’re looking for the best Spycam placements for your Competitive matches, then allow us the pleasure of opening up the Red Room and teaching a masterclass on what the spy game is all about.

Icebox — The simplest path is a straight line

The middle part of Icebox often feels like a no man’s land--After all, there isn’t a capture site, and both Site A and Site B are easily accessible by both sides right from spawn. This makes the middle route even more dangerous, as a team that reveals its location too early can suffer a swift rebuttal in the form of a maneuver through Mid. This spot on B Tube is usable by both sides of the map, allowing Cypher some control and a forewarning before trouble appears.

Split — Killbox Inc.

Matches on Split boil down to early fights that take place in three main rooms: B Main, Bottom Mid, and A Main. Pushes from the attacking side usually boil down to picking a side while also using Mid to pressure push or stop flanks. Both these attack and defense cam setups allow for coverage of vital entry points while Cypher can stay safe while planting. Just remember to move your camera once rotations happen, unless you’re concerned about a re-return flank once kills begin.

Haven — As in, "No Safe"

With its big, obvious sightlines, Haven has some major Cypher cam sweet spots. All three Sites offer Cypher placement to watch multiple points of entry, with C and A Site specifically allowing for wide coverage from relative safety. Attackers putting the cam at the start of the round at Mid can do so by hugging the wall and using the cubby to watch for a defensive push or someone snooping around Garage.

Ascent — Eyes on the middle

Ascent’s Mid area is one big murder hole, and most likely point of entry for both sides. That said, defensive-minded Attack teams would do well to watch B Main for a fast smoke/bang attack from the defense, given the short distance between its two starting point barriers. Defense can throw up a camera on the upper part of either wall at Mid to get vision on Mid Link, Cubby, and Mid Top. However, you’re also likely to lose that camera immediately from a guaranteed attacker peeking their head.

Bind — Hookah or bust

The hottest action on Bind usually occurs around Market and A Short, with an Attack-side Cypher able to get off a Cam before the round even begins and get a good look at the area. It’s yet another point where the cam is likely to be shot on sight, but it’s information, nonetheless. Meanwhile, the defending side can take advantage of the tall walls on B Site to get a camera up high and watch not only Hookah but also the entry from B Long. Of course, the problem with this set-up is that by the time you spot someone with the camera the chance to do anything but initiate a teamfight is already out the door.
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