Healing in Valorant

By Stephanie RoehlerNovember 19, 2020
Healing in Valorant

What is Healing?

In Valorant, healing is a rare and powerful ability that can make or break a game. If a powerful agent goes from 5 health to 100, they can grapple a sticky situation with a lot more strength and power on their side. However, few agents can heal, so they can be some of the most desirable agents in Valorant.

Valorant’s Healers

There are only two traditional healers in the game: the Icy Sentinel Sage and the Druid Initiator Skye.


Skye’s healing ability is her C, Regrowth. Skye equips a healing trinket and holds fire to activate it. It heals any allies within range and line of sight. While it cannot heal Skye, it can be used on and off until her healing pool (100 hp). In a single round, Skye can only buy one Regrowth. While it’s not as potent at Sage’s healing, Skye can possibly boost the health of her entire team.


Sage’s signature move is her E, Healing Orb. It can heal anyone on her team to full health, including herself. The ability is free but does have a 45-second cooldown. With her ultimate, Sage can also resurrect a teammate’s dead body to full health. Sage is, arguably, the strongest healer in the game (so it’s no surprise how popular she can be).

Sort-of Healers

While Sage and Skye are the only agents with specific team-healing abilities, they are not the only agents who have any say over health bars. A few other agents can health themselves.


When standing in his own fire abilities (Blaze, Hot Hands), Phoenix can heal himself. Also, when Phoenix uses his ultimate, Run it Back, he recovers health when he returns to his starting point.


Reyna's W ability, Devour, swallows a Soul Orb over 3 seconds and heals her up to 100 health. It can overheal (up to 150 including shields), but the overheal decays after 25 seconds. The skill can be tricky, though, because it does involve a tether, which stops Reyna from shooting and can be interrupted by enemies.
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