Blast Pack hopping: Raze trick guide

By Stephanie RoehlerNovember 16, 2020
Blast Pack hopping: Raze trick guide
One of Raze’s best abilities is neglected in lower ranks, and that is the Blast Pack. With her explosive satchel, Raze can jump around the map and give herself an awesome advantage.

How to Jump

Every player needs to start by mastering the basic Raze satchel jump. Equipping her Blast Pack (W), Raze tosses it and sticks it to the ground in front of her. Running at the satchel, Raze jumps over it, the Blast Pack explodes, and is launched up in the air. As her Blast Pack does not harm her, Raze gets a consequence-free boost (assuming you don’t toss her straight into someone’s line of fire).
Functionally, this works a lot like Jett’s Updraft. In combat, it can help make Raze harder for enemies to keep track of.
Raze can also use her satchel to hop onto crates, giving her a positioning advantage that can easily catch enemies by surprise.

How to Double Jump

To take Raze’s Blast Pack to the next level, you have to master the double jump.
To double jump, repeat all previous single jump steps. However, this time, when running and jumping at the satchel, look down while doing it. When you reach the height of your boost, toss down another Black Pack and get boosted again to make you go even higher.
This can get a player across entire points and all the way on top of very tall crates/arches/etc. For example, in Haven, you can use double jump to go over all the high crates in each point to surprise enemies on either side
Feel free to also use Showstopper to give you a maximum triple boost, firing Showstopper behind you and aimed diagonally at the ground to boost you a third time.


Because of Icebox’s verticality, Raze’s Blast Pack is even more impactful. For example:
  • If players use Raze’s triple jump method (using Showstopper for a third propulsion) players can get from the attacking entrance to the defenders’ in seconds, as in the image above.
  • Jump off one of the high points in the center alleyways, toss a Blast Pack down, look down to make it go off, and land on top of the tube leading into Kitchen for a sneaky kill-spot.
  • Both A and B point can be hopped across with a Blast Pack to get from one high ground to another, completely disorienting and surprising any enemies.
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