Valorbuff, now with stats!

By Valorbuff TeamSeptember 21, 2020
Valorbuff is now backed by the Riot API to bring you the highest quality Valorant stats and analytics to help you improve your gameplay. We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you agent, weapon, and map statistics to help you uncover the trends and maximize your potential.


Our agent meta statistics will reveal synergies between agents and team compositions that have a higher chance of winning. Filter by your rank to see the meta at your skill level or look at the highest ranks to see how the pros are playing.


Our weapon statistics can help you identify what gun you should be buying and how you should be using it. From breaking down primary fire mode kills vs secondary fire mode kills to average kill distance, we have the data you need to make informed decisions during your next game.


Our map statistics will help you dominate the next map you play on. Attacking versus defending win rates will reveal the balance between halves and top agents indicate which agents are strongest on a given map.
We give you the power to find the stats you want with transparent filters that allow you to control time frame, game mode, competitive rank and more.
This is just the beginning. We’re dedicated to improving and expanding our stats offering.
We have big plans for Valorbuff and hope to make it a place you can rely on for accurate and helpful information to improve your skills and enjoy the game we all love.
We’re so happy to have you here. See you on the battlefield!
~ The Valorbuff Team
P.S. We’d love to hear your feedback. Follow us on Twitter @Valorbuff to stay in the loop with the latest developments.
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