On my way: communication in Valorant

By Stephanie RoehlerSeptember 8, 2020
Communication is absolutely key in Valorant, but sometimes players just aren’t sure how to go about it. Open mic? Text chat? Well, luckily, Riot Games put a ping (AKA a player clicks on a point and gives direction to teammates) system into the game so even silent players can communicate.
It’s much like Riot Games’ ping system in League of Legends, but if people aren’t used to it or are new to Valorant, it’s easy to miss or get confused and never use them.
So let’s give a quick and easy how-to guide on pinging in Valorant.

Directional Pinging

To ping, the first thing you have to do is hold the Z button. That is the default command for pinging. If you don’t like Z, you can change it to a different button in your control settings at any time.
Once you hit Z, you will get a wheel with four prompts. Up is to caution teammates, down is used for requesting support, right is indicating you’re watching an area, and left is “on my mark” AKA directing your team to follow your lead in a certain direction. You just have to drag your mouse over a certain one, right-click, and release the mouse button to get it to work.
Now, to get the ping on the right spot, just make sure your character is oriented in the right direction and click.

Voice Command Pinging

However, if what you want to communicate doesn’t involve a certain direction, Riot Games also added voice lines that you can use. If you hold the comma button ( , ), you will open a menu of 8 voice lines to choose from. They are as follows:
  • Caution
  • On my way
  • Rotating
  • I’ll Take Point
  • Watching area
  • Need support
  • Need healing
  • Ultimate status
You can’t pull a full Genji on your teammates and spam “I need healing”, though. Riot implemented a feature so that players can only do three voice lines in a row before they are forced to take a break for a couple of seconds.
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