Surrender: an imperfect choice in Valorant

By Stephanie RoehlerAugust 27, 2020
Like any popular multiplayer game, Valorant has to deal with the endless frustration that is AFK players. Well, that and player toxicity. It’s what happens when a bunch of intense people with different internet situations meet online for a competitive game.
However, what can make it extra stressful is the fact that games are generally 45 minutes long, so players can end up miserable and tilted, trapped in a bad game.
What some players don’t know though (or haven’t noticed) is that Valorant has a surrender function that everyone should know how to use.

How To Surrender

To surrender in Valorant, a player needs to use their keyboard to type certain functions into the chat. They have to type one of three commands: /ff, /concede, or /surrender. When that’s typed, the game will give all the players on a team a vote. Players can respond by either using F5 or F6, or /yes or /no, respectively.
One unfortunate thing that makes the situation complicated is that if someone proposes a surrender, all players must agree for it to pass. If just one player says no or doesn’t answer, the game continues. Another thing that makes surrendering difficult is that a player has to wait 8 full rounds to have the surrender vote (even if someone went AFK first round). Also, teams can only do one surrender vote per half.
Even though a surrender gives the same amount of losing and winning credit to the respective teams, so there’s no rank benefit, it is a way to get out of a possibly awful situation.

Valorant’s Surrender Flaws

Compared to Riot Games’ LoL surrender function, though, Valorant’s does seem unnecessarily difficult. LoL players only need 80% of the team vote. This is probably because LoL AFK players still exist in the game, counting as team-members, while Valorant’s don’t. So, the AFK players in Valorant won’t affect the vote like LoL ones can.
However, if a player is being toxic and enjoying it, the 100% surrender vote might lead to trolls trapping people in some seriously salt-filled games. That’s something Riot Games seriously has to consider going forward with Valorant.
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