Getting started with Killjoy, Valorant's newest Sentinel

By Stephanie RoehlerAugust 21, 2020
The newest agent to Volarant’s roster is the German genius, Killjoy. She’s a colorful tech wizard who uses her creations to help support her team. However, something unique about Killjoy is that, according to some dialogue from Reyna, she doesn’t have the same Radiant powers as her colleagues.
So let’s give the best tips on how to play the newest Sentinel, Killjoy.

Killjoy Basics

In combat, Killjoy relies on her violent robotic toys to bombard enemy agents with explosives, nanobots, and bullets. Each piece of tech she’s made damages, slows, scares off, or kills her foes.

Nanoswarm (C)

Killjoy equips a nano swarm grenade. Hitting the same button throws the grenade. Once it lands, the swarm goes covert. Like Cypher’s Cyber Cage, that means she can throw it down and wait until someone’s close to activate it. Once activated, the nanobots swarm a small radius and damage enemies within it.
This ability costs 200 credits and a player can only keep two in their inventory per round.

Alarmbot (Q)

Killjoy equips the Alarmbot and can deploy it on the ground. It works a lot like Raze’s BoomBot. From its deployed location it’ll hunt down enemies in range and explode, making them vulnerable (and possibly dead). If it doesn’t find someone, Killjoy can hold the equip button, recall it, and move it somewhere else.
This ability costs 200 credits and a player can only keep one in their inventory per round.

Turret (E)

Killjoy equips a turret and hits the button again to fire and deploy. Placement of this turret is important because it’s a useful tool in alerting the team to point intruders. When the turret is placed, it hits enemies in a 108-degree cone. While firing, it does 11 damage with each burst. Like the Alarmbot, Killjoy can recall the turret.
Unlike the other abilities, the turret doesn’t cost anything, but it does only get a certain amount of health (125). Once that health is depleted, Killjoy is out of a turret for the rest of the round.

Lockdown (X) K

Killjoy equips a lockdown device and, much like the spike, places it down on the ground. After a long wind-up, the Lockdown fires off and slows nearby enemies and unequips their weapons for 8 seconds. Because of the long wind-up, though, it’s mostly used to scare people off points.
Just like all other ultimates, Lockdown takes 7 skill points to use.

Team-based tactics

To use Killjoy to the best of her ability, focus on working with other Sentinels and supporting team movements. Killjoy should place her tech in places that help her team clear out a choke-point or lock down an area. Using the Turret, Lockdown, or Alarmbot, she can do that and flush enemies out of spaces, too.
Some effective teamwork tactics are combo-ing her Alarmbot or Turret with Cypher’s Trapwire or Sage’s Barrier to create a perfect alarm system for keeping points safe. Killjoy’s abilities make protecting all access points of an area so much more effective.
However, all of that is defensive. How does Killjoy help on offense?
Well, Killjoy can use her Alarmbot and Turret to help her teams push points. They can give added firepower in a fight or force the other team to back off. And once her team has a point and has placed the spike? Those same abilities can turn the point into an easily defensible fortress.

Solo combat tactics

If Killjoy ends up alone under complicated circumstances, there are still some things she can do to fight off the enemies. For example, Killjoy can sneak around the map and place her tech down at chokepoints to scare or kill passing enemies.
When facing off with an oncoming enemy, Killjoy can also use Alarmbot around corners as a decoy to reveal, scare, or hurt nearby opponents.
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