Tips for close-quarters combat in Valorant

By Carver FisherAugust 12, 2020
When forced into purchasing an SMG or a Shotgun, fighting at long range is a terrible idea. Valorant tends to favor long-range engagements. Movement speed in Valorant is slow in comparison to other shooters, so getting up close fast isn’t something that’s possible with most Agents. However, there are a few ways to make sure that you’re able to take the opponent by surprise at a range that favors your weapon choice.

Lie in Wait

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. Waiting around a corner to catch the enemy by surprise is a surefire way to fight at close range. People might flame you for camping, but a win’s a win. Take advantage of players that don’t check their corners.
This strategy has some downsides, though. If the enemy team clearly isn’t going near the area you’ve posted up in, rotating is important. Keeping away from long sightlines is important, so make sure your pathing is planned out in advance. If you’re forced into purchasing economy options for a few rounds at a time, make sure you don’t go for the same locations every time. Once the element of surprise is gone, so is your effectiveness. Also, make sure you’re not just sitting in a corner if the enemy team already knows you’re there. That leads to the second point....

Vision is Key

Information wins games when it comes to Valorant, especially when it comes to close-quarters combat.
If your opponent knows where you are, then getting to close-quarters is going to be difficult. And even if you do, an enemy might use something like Phoenix’s Curveball or Raze’s Cluster Grenade to flush you out and gun you down. Using vision obstruction that’s either within your own kit or your teammates' kits is an essential part of putting yourself in a favorable position. If you smoke a long sightline and post up on the enemy’s side, they won’t expect you to be waiting right around the corner for them. Anticipating the enemy’s movement is essential, and knowing where your opponent is going to path before they do it assures you’ll get the drop on them.

Finders Keepers

Don’t be scared of ditching your weapon. Remember that you’ve taken the economy route and most weapons either your teammates or enemies have are better than having a Shotgun. If an ally is holding down a sightline and they get domed, pick up their Rifle. It’s always a shame to throw away a gun before you get to shoot it at anyone, but giving yourself a better weapon and a better shot at winning the round is important.
The same goes with killing an enemy. If you take a guy by surprise and he’s got a Vandal, ditching your Bucky is worth it 100% of the time. Just remember to check the ammo count on the weapons you pick up. Going into a fight with five bullets in your magazine and not finding out until your gun stops shooting is a sad way to die.
Close-quarters combat in Valorant is difficult. You have to rely on the opponent playing into your hands, and it’s very reactionary in comparison to having a Rifle that thrives at any range. However, this playstyle can bring games back from the brink and allow your team a massive economy swing. As tired a trope as it is, practice truly makes perfect with close-range weaponry. In a game that promotes mid to long-range engagements with its map design, close-quarters combat can be hard to get used to. Learning how to put yourself in an advantageous position with a weapon that’s disadvantageous in most instances takes time. However, that time investment is worth it when it wins you the game.
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