Killjoy's on the way! Valorant to release new agent

By Stephanie RoehlerJuly 29, 2020
After much teasing with hints and art and hidden dialogue, Riot Games has finally, officially announced Valorant’s newest agent: Killjoy. This impressive technician is called the “genius of Germany,” and rightfully so. She specializes in all things tech, creating her own robotic devices to help her team win every round.
One unique thing about Killjoy is that, if Reyna’s hidden dialogue is correct, Killjoy isn’t a Radiant like the rest of the agents. That will be fascinating to learn more about in the future.
As an agent, Killjoy seems she will either be a Controller or a Sentinel. Her abilities definitely lean into manipulating the enemy or defending her teammates and/or the points.
And speaking of her abilities, here’s what Riot has shared with us so far:
Alarmbot: Killjoy equips Alarmbot. Then she deploys it, and it’ll hunt down enemies in range and explode, making them vulnerable. If it doesn’t find someone, Killjoy can hold the equip button and recall it.
Turret: Killjoy equips a turret and hits the button again to fire and deploy. When the turret is placed, it fires at enemies in a 108 degree cone. Like the Alarmbot, Killjoy can recall the turret.
Nanoswarm: Killjoy equips a nano swarm grenade. Hitting the same button throws the grenade. Once it lands, the swarm goes covert. You activate the Nanoswarm to make the nanobots swarm an enemy and do damage.
Lockdown: Killjoy equips a lockdown device and, much like the spike, places it down on the ground. After a long wind-up, the device detains all enemies caught in the radius until it’s destroyed.

Mysteries remaining:

Some of the complexities of Killjoy (like recalling, the rules of her ultimate, if Lockdown’s deployment beeps like a Spike, etc.) are still up in the air. Fans also don’t know much about her history, and considering Reyna’s supposed distaste for the German techie, it has to be one fascinating story.
It’s going to be hard to wait until August 2 to play her ourselves.
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