3 tips to maintain good economy in Valorant

By Carver FisherJuly 28, 2020
After playing a bit of Valorant, most players will notice that everything you want is expensive. Keeping a Vandal in your hands for most of the game is a pricey proposition in an even match, and it’s easy to end up in a loop of buying bad weapons in an attempt to get back into the game. However, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that, even in the games where the first few rounds are losses, it’s possible to bounce back and take the W.

Tip 1: Scavenge

The weapons you purchase aren’t the only ones on the battlefield. If an enemy player dies, and they have a weapon you want, pick it up. Hell, even if it’s not a weapon you want, picking up high-value guns is important. If someone with an Operator dies and you aren’t a fan of snipers, ask your team if anyone wants it. In most cases, the person you give that Operator to will be more than happy to buy you any other gun in the game. Keeping eyes on the ground is an invaluable resource for frugal Valorant players.

Tip 2: Take an Eco Round

At times where your team is down on their luck, taking a loss and saving money is usually the way to go. Rather than buying a Spectre and Heavy Armor, cutting your losses and taking an eco round with your team is a great way to get back into the game. The idea is to buy almost nothing, take the loss, and come out with enough Creds to make a comeback.
Sometimes, you’ll be the one with enough Creds to buy a full loadout while the rest of your team has next to nothing. Choosing not to buy at all and holding onto the extra funds is better than spending them when the rest of your team has comparably worse loadouts. Going into a team of Vandal-toting enemies with a Classic in hand is almost a guaranteed loss for the round, but it contributes massively to winning the match. It’s a lot easier to go into a fight confident when you’ve got the right gun.

Tip 3: Save Your Guns

There’s going to be scenarios where a round is near unwinnable. If it’s one player versus an entire team, then there’s no shame in saving the weapons you do have. The idea of clutching a round 1v5 can be intoxicating, but the reality is those clutches are pretty rare.
Going for broke and running at the enemy team is often an inferior strategy in comparison to saving your weapon and keeping your team’s economy up. Yes, killing other players makes them lose their guns. However, if the enemy team is ahead, they’ve likely got the Creds to buy a full loadout, whereas you sacrificed your gun for the gutsy play.
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